Location: Tehachapi, CA

Riding Since: 2003

Sponsors: Eastern Bikes

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Q & A

Hobbies: Road bikes, Trucks

Vehicle: Hyundai Veloster

Top 3 spots: Woodward West, YMCA Claremont, Zignal park

Top 3 riders: Jamie Bestwick, Scotty Cranmer, Mike Aitken.

Top 3 foods: Empanadas, Lasagna, Rice

Top 3 musicians Right now: Metallica, ACDC, Bad Bunny … hahaha

Top 3 All time musicians: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer

Top 3 movies: Up, Interstellar, Rocky IV

Top 3 BMX videos: Sentenced to life, road fools.

Top 3 Photographers: Roberto Olivares, Nacho Infante, Nic Hilton

Top 3 Videographers: Roberto Olivares, Nacho Infante, Nic Hilton

Shoe size: 9

Easy Trick You've Never Been Able to Get: Table

Trick you wish you could do: 540 whip, I’ll be able to do it soon.

First Bike: Oxford BMX bike

First Trick you learned: 180

Favorite type of riding: Vert - Park - Dirt jumps

What got you started riding:
My childhood friends

Best place traveled: Germany

Best road trip: Euro trip, Spain, France, Italy, Germany

What get's you motivated to ride: Try to landing everything I have in mind, and try to land perfect so i can have speed for the next wall and do another trick.

Describe your perfect session:
Early morning, after breakfast, music and the whole energy after a good night of sleep.
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