Over the years Eastern Bikes invented many products in BMX that other companies have adopted and still use today. Here are some of our proud innovations. Whether it's our famous Grim Reaper frame, Titanium products, or even our loose ball 9 tooth driver hub Eastern has always pushed the envelope on product design.


Fed up with the quality of mass-market bikes Eastern Founder Mike Corley took matters into his own hands and built a frame he could trust. With a rear triangle cut from a Schwinn and a front-end fashioned from locally bought chromoly the
β€œFatty” was born.


Eastern Bikes is incorporated by Jon Byers, Keith King and Mike Corley with a simple mission; to build the best bikes money can buy - a pretty arrogant undertaking for 3 guys with no money! Regardless, the team forged ahead building a reputation for quality and uncompromising strength.


The Eastern Bikes team develop & deliver the now legendary Hercules and Bandit frames. The BMX world starts to take notice.


As sales take-off Eastern Bikes switch up a gear, moving production to state of the art facilities to support continuous innovation and keep up with ever growing demand.


Eastern goes global with distribution across Europe, Russia & Asia. Pro rider Leigh Ramsdell teams up Eastern to launch the Ace of Spades signature frame.


Innovation is pushed to the next level with the arrival of the Grim Reaper frame. Weight was saved with helix tubing and cut-out techniques including the now iconic β€œEB” logo in the head and seat tubes.


The LB-9 9 tooth driver hub is launched. This genius innovation reduced sprocket size at an affordable price.


The Birectional Hub is one of our proudest achievements. The first LHD/RHD hub ever.


The Pop-n-Lock hubguard is a lightweight, durable and inexpensive solution to hub and spoke damage that occurs during grinds. Easy to install this innovation was widely imitated and is now standard across the industry.


Eastern breaks into the MTB market with the launch of the Alpaka 29” Hardtail. This do everything rig incorporates a wealth of features to provide a high end experience at an affordable price.

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