What got you started riding: local skatepark/bike shop right in town where I grew up

Best place traveled/ Best road trip: Woodward PA

What get's you motivated to ride: doing normal everyday things first to earn ride time

Describe your perfect session: landing everything I set out to do and also something new

Top 3 spots: any wall ride

Top 3 riders: Dave Mirra, Mike Spinner, Garret Reynolds

Top 3 Photographer/videographers: Josh McAwee, Rob Dolecki, Dan Foley


Location: Maiden, NC

Riding Since: 2000

Follow @anthonyvillani_bmx

Shoe size: 14

Height: 6’4”


Eastern Bikes, VillainBMX, Evolution Nutrition Sports, Bern Helmets, Deadkrow Army, USABMX Freestyle Competition

Easy Trick You've Never Been Able to Get: tuck no hander

Trick you wish you could do: manny whip

First Bike: Robinson sst GT 1993

First Trick you learned: tire grab

Favorite type of riding: park/street
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