EASTERN BIKES has been a leading innovator of BMX bike design for over 17 years. Many of our innovations have been adopted and used on most of the BMX bikes sold worldwide today. When you buy an Eastern Bike, you not only get a great product, but you get our commitment of a Lifetime Warranty and Lifetime Upgrades. No other company offers you this level of service and commitment.

E3 bmx bike welding process. We've used this superior method used on race car and motorcycle frames, where a secure weld is extremely crucial

We’ve borrowed this superior method of welding from race car and motorcycle frame manufacturing where a secure weld is extremely crucial and applied it to our BMX bike frames. You can see that the E3 welding process allows the weld to penetrate the full thickness of the tube.


Industry standard bmx bike pre-weld processed tube. E3 welding process pre-weld processed tube.

Industry standard weak weld caused by only welding the edge of the tubing instead of the ends.

E3 welding process. The E3 weld is how a proper weld should look. It is consistent and the weld fully penetrates both tubes.

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