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DOB: 11-20-1988

Location: Greenville, NC

Riding since: 2000

Frame: Transcend Josh Perry Signature

Sponsors: Eastern Bikes, Garden of Life, TSG Helmets



What is your favorite type of riding? BMX Freestyle

Do you remember the first thing you did on a bike? Rode around my house 3 times when I was about 4. First thing I did with a BMX bike was jump this stump/dirt bump in my front yard.

Where are some of your favorite places that you have traveled too? Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Colorado, Arizona, Iraq and Barcelona

You are into eating healthy these days. What is the inspiration behind that? March 2010 I was told I had a brain tumor that took up about half the left side of my brain and was needed to be operated on. I then took a look at my life and what mattered and what didnt and what I was doing to be healthy, or lack of. I then learned what humans ingest into their bodies and the effects it has.

What is a perfect riding session to you? A perfect riding session to me in one that makes me feel like a little kid again with all my friends. Just having a blast and smiling whether that be cruising through some trails, sessioning a ramp or some street spot.

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