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Location: Penrith, NSW, Australia

Sponsors: Eastern Bikes, Simple Man Clothing and Monster Skatepark.


Hobbies: I love filming, editing and photography.

Vehicle: Anything that get me from A to B I never really got Into cars or anything like that.

Top 3 spots: Sydney City, Emu plains drains and The Gold Coast.

Top 3 riders: Kevin Kiraly, Alex Kennedy and Garrett Reynolds.

Top 3 foods: Chicken schnitzel, Caesar Salad and Rice.

Top 3 musicians Right now: Mumford And Sons, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z.

Top 3 All time musicians: Wu-tang, The Beatles and Bob Marley.

Top 3 movies: Django Unchained, Thor 2 and Captain America.

Top 3 BMX videos: Deadline, Markit Zero and End Search.

Top 3 Photographers: Andy McKinstray, Brandon Means and Devin Feil.

Top 3 Videographers: Will Evans, Christian Rigal and Richard Forne.

Shoe size: 10

Easy Trick You’ve Never Been Able to Get: Turndowns! I just get my head around them.

Trick you wish you could do: Ice to hard 180’s.

First Bike: My first bike was a Subrosa complete I got it after my Mountain bike was stolen, as soon as I got it I was hooked on BMX