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Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Riding since: 1986
Frame: Grim Reaper 8
Sponsors: Eastern Bikes, Odyssey, S-One, Garden of Life, C.T.i, Play Again




Hometown: Nokesville, VA.

What is your favorite type of riding?
Tough question and has changed over the years, but I would say anything that you can get tech on, do strange different things and get creative, whether it’s a odd obstacle to ride or a super boring generic one, I like to try and come up with tricks, or moves from inside my own head. It is always a new challenge no matter what or where you are riding.

Do you remember the first thing you did on a bike?
Nope. It was too long ago (hahahah). But I bet I had the kinda look on my face that you get when you discover something tremendously amazing and exciting.

Where are some of your favorite places that you have traveled too?
Definitely Germany, France and Singapore, Colorado and Utah are super awesome. I actually moved to Utah for 3 years because I liked it so much. Lake Tahoe, I moved there as well for a year or so. Tahoe is amazing.

You also are heavily into music and have a few albums out. Where can people listen and buy it at?
I’ve been playing music for almost as long as I have been riding. is where you can listen and buy my previous two albums, When my third album is done, it will be on iTunes also.

What is a perfect riding session to you?
Friends, warm, slight overcast day. Fun creative spots. It could be anything. Curb cut, pool, park, ledge, trails or something in between. There’s no rules!