eastern bikes mid bb bottom bracket

These bearings come ready to install in American b.b. frames, but can easily convert to fit mid b.b. frames. You just need to remove the bearing from the outer shell. It’s best to go to your local Eastern Bikes dealer to get this done.
WEIGHT // 11.7 oz w/ cups
//  Mid BB Precision sealed bearings (41mm O.D.)
//  Spacers and chainwheel adaptors included
//  I.D. Sizes available are 19mm, 20mm and 22mm

eastern bikes euro bb bottom brackets

Quality Euro BB bottom bracket sets with 7075 CNC machined alloy cups. They come in a variety of vibrant anodized colors to customize your bike from top to bottom bracket.
WEIGHT // 4.6 oz
//  7075 CNC machined alloy euro bb cups
//  Superwide bearings (31mm O.D.)
//  Spacers and chainwheel addaptors included
//  I.D. sizes Available in 19mm, 20mm and 22mm

Spanish BB

Smooth and reliable Spanish BB set.
WEIGHT // 4.8 oz
//  Precision sealed bearings (37mm O.D.)
//  Spacers and chainwheel adaptors included
//  Spanish BB I.D. sizes available: 19mm, 20mm and 22mm

replacement bearing bottom brackets

Durable and smooth bearing replacements for your Mid, Spanish and Euro Bottom Bracket (BB) sets
//  Precision sealed bearings
//  Mid Bearing O.D. Size: 41mm / I.D. Sizes: 19, 20 and 22mm
//  Spanish Bearing O.D. Size: 37mm / I.D. Sizes: 19, 20 and 22mm
//  Euro Bearing O.D. Size: 21mm / I.D. Sizes: 19, 20 and 22mm
//  Sold individually

Quality Mid, Spanish, Euro and replacement bottom brackets (BB) sets from Eastern Bikes for any kind of BMX bike frame.

See your local bike shop to ensure proper installation of your Eastern bottom brackets set.

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