WHERE TO BUY  // MSRP $7.65*  

Our alloy axle nuts called ‘Axle’s Nuts’ are available in a variety nut styles in both 14mm or 3/8″. They also come in many anodized colors. The perfect fit for any type axle / peg combination in most any color.

//  CNCed axle nuts from 7075 alloy
//  Available in 3/8″ with 14mm short lip for adapting 3/8″ axles to 14mm peg holes or dropouts
//  Available in 14mm or 3/8 for common applications
//  Available in 3/8″ w/ 14mm long lip for adapting 3/8″ axles through 14mm peg openings & dropouts

WEIGHT // 0.5 oz

COLORS  // Black, Red, Hot Blue, Blue, Gold, Flatinum & Purple


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