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MSRP $339.99* // Upgrade for only $289.99


TOP TUBE SIZE // 20.5″ – 20.75″ – 21″
COLORS  // Gloss Black & Chrome

Eastern Promise:  lifetime warrantylifetime upgrade policy

//  The Transcend is the first signature frame from longtime Eastern professional Josh Perry

//  E3 Welding Process ensures the most dependable frame construction possible

//  Heat-Treated HT, BB and Dropouts

//  8mm thick CNC’d dropouts with built in chain tensioners

//  Engraved head tube graphic

//  BB Height:  11.5”

//  Rear Triangle:  13.2-13.9” with 13.5” being optimal

//  Stand over height:  9.0”

//  Head Tube Angle:  75

//  Seat Tube Angle:  71

//  Removable Brake Mounts, Cable guide and Gyro tabs

//  Mid Bottom Bracket

Josh has been with Eastern quite a few years and when we discussed doing a signature frame with him he was all about it. Josh wanted the frame to be burly and strong. So, when we began designing Josh’s Transcend frame, high-strength was priority. What we came up with is the Transcend, a super strong frame with great geometry and all the features today’s riders want without too much excess weight.

Top and Down tube feature the Helix internal shape to increase the Transcend’s tube strength and prevent dents. Offset butted heat treated head tube with engraved JP signature initials from the help of Josh’s Dad. Shapely heat treated BB to help lock in when doing bottom bracket grinds. Double butted seat tube to cut down on a little weight. Thick tapered seat and chain stays to provide a strong rear triangle and prevent denting. Overall a frame that is built for strength and to go the long haul.

*This pricing valid in USA only.
Specs & pricing Subject to Change

Trust in the Transcend frame’s burley features and E3 construction. Designed by Josh Perry

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