EB2FL – Swamp Fest Road Trip

One of the coolest events each year is the Florideah Swamp Fest. Making it down was the goal this trip. Eastern riders Jonathan Bronson, Ryan Cibulski, Kenneth Tencio, Trey Turner and Robbie Taylor left the NC warehouse and headed south towards the ATL to meet up with Zach Kring, Tommy Myall, and Josh Roberson. After we all got together, it was a full on shred fest at Brook Run Park in Atlanta.

On the second day, we kept it pointed South to hit the Columbus, GA park that was a true diamond in the rough and surrounded by some sweet street setups. We ended the day in Tallahassee, FL with a true Northern Florida session at Midnight with a strange fog surrounding us. Shout out to the Kring family for letting us camp in their yard that night – with a nice pool for us to rinse the dry sweat and dust off a select few of us (sorry Kring family).

On day 3, we made an unplanned stop at Possum Creek Park with some awesome Florida locals. Since the next stop was Swamp Fest, the stoke was rising.

Once we made it to Swamp Fest it was nothing but great times. It was pretty hectic the entire time, but we got to meet up with so many legends and riders from all over. Our warehouse dude Justin Faraburgh linked up with us there and he showed us how to completely roast the open loop.

After Swamp Fest, we headed north to ride the famous KONA Skatepark. Then Jonathan blew everyone’s mind and did a huge backflip into the snakerun!!!!! It was the icing on the cake for an amazing trip.

We all went home with smiles on our faces and tons of great stories. Thank you everyone for the support and until next time!! Keep Shredding!

Music by Wing Dam

Intro song by Drunk on the Regs

Video shot by Jonathan Bronson, Trey Turner, Robbie Taylor and the rest of the Eastern team.

Credit photos by Dave Long, @spaceboobie, Jonathan Bronson

Thanks for the van graphic-edge.com



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