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Grove City x Athens, OH Video

Eastern customer service rep Robbie Taylor, rider Trey Turner and homie Brian Gregor hit up some epic parks on their road trip up to Grove city and Athens Ohio. Watch, enjoy and go ride! Edit by Brian Gregor  

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Eastern welcomes Jonathan Bronson

Welcome Jonathan Bronson

Jonathan Bronson is a beast! Check out his welcome vid which is a mashup of his bangers over the last year or so. His all or nothing approach is perfect to get you stoked to ride. Check out his rider page and give him a follow Instagram / Facebook

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New Full Part from Adam Banton

Adam Banton has always seen things through a different lens. He has a vast arsenal of tricks and a tweaked perspective on what can be considered a spot. This creates a seemingly endless amount of ideas. This part will get you pumped to ride, and ride something in a new way. See more Adam Banton […]

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