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Eastern at Camp Woodward 2018

The Eastern team stormed Woodward West this summer and the boys killed it! Adam Banton goes every summer, so he was stoked to have Jonathan Bronson, Ryan Cibulski, Trey Turner & Josh Roberson join the fun. Long live Camp Woodward!

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Adam Banton’s “100F Freestyle” Summer Edit

  Eastern pro Adam Banton went full mad scientist with this hot new 100F Freestyle edit. Adam has a knack for taking old tricks and mixing them with the new and then adding some extra Banton weird sauce on top. What he came out with in the end is really sick and completely original. Must be the […]

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Trey Turner 2018 Video

Trey Turner has been going hard on the bike in 2018. His new edit “Trey Turner 2018” shows what he’s stacked up from Ohio and Kentucky.  Trey’s writeup: “So for the last couple months I’ve been putting in some work in between trips to create another edit for my sponsors. Filmed around the Ohio and […]

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Trey Turner Eastern Issa Video

Trey Turner dropped a new one! It’s cold up in Ohio, but Trey still managed to heat it up in “Eastern Issa” with some new combinations. Trey’s writeup: “So I wanted to do something new when it came to this video . I ended up filming all the clips myself , put in the work […]

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EB2FL – Swamp Fest Road Trip

One of the coolest events each year is the Florideah Swamp Fest. Making it down was the goal this trip. Eastern riders Jonathan Bronson, Ryan Cibulski, Kenneth Tencio, Trey Turner and Robbie Taylor left the NC warehouse and headed south towards the ATL to meet up with Zach Kring, Tommy Myall, and Josh Roberson. After […]

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