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2×4 Poker Showdown

I was in Jersey last weekend for the 2×4 Poker Showdown. It was a great time and more than 50 people showwed up. The tables were packed and the kids were amped. Wiz and Cody made it out to rep Eastern and 2×4. It was a great time for sure. Check out the photos and […]

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Boss Blogging

So we were in L.A for our first kinda official filming trip for the team vid. Mangler, Leigh, Kelly, Zach and me. Grabbed the Odyssey van for the week and drove around avoiding the rain for the first two day’s, that ended up taking us to Woodward West, not a bad back up plan huh? […]

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The last week was amazing. 65 and sunny pretty much the entire week. It tricked me into thinking it was spring so after riding and sweating, my mop of a head was getting on my nerves so i stopped riding to cut it off. Today is was 45 and cloudy and i regret my new […]

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