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Boss Blogging

So we were in L.A for our first kinda official filming trip for the team vid. Mangler, Leigh, Kelly, Zach and me. Grabbed the Odyssey van for the week and drove around avoiding the rain for the first two day’s, that ended up taking us to Woodward West, not a bad back up plan huh? […]

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The last week was amazing. 65 and sunny pretty much the entire week. It tricked me into thinking it was spring so after riding and sweating, my mop of a head was getting on my nerves so i stopped riding to cut it off. Today is was 45 and cloudy and i regret my new […]

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What's poppin'?

Just healed up from a broken hand and went riding today for the first time in weeks, felt good. The Tombstones have a show coming up this Sunday for any local cats who wanna come check us out. The flyer with all the info is below. -WIZ

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Spring in here.

Well not really but this weekend was b-e-a-utiful. I went home to pittsboro to ride my house and see the folks. A couple of week ago my dog Scarface passed away and my dad was feeling down so my mom got him another puppy. The dog is awesome although not quite as gangsta as Scarface. […]

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Escaping the frozen tundra

So I recently went home to Minnesota for a visit, and since its -30 there all the time and riding outside basically is impossible I decided to steal Nick Anderson and take him back to Charlotte for the rest of the winter. So We packed my car to the gills and left that frigid winter […]

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First post on new blog

Im testing out my technology savy-ness and seeing if I can figure out how to blog on the new set up. If you are reading this then I probably figured it out because I am so smart. Riding is good but the weather is cold. Trying to get some stuff filmed for the video. blah […]

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